This list is based on an informal diagnostic device whose purpose is to help people to gauge the extent to which they get annoyed with certain often encountered situations or types of behaviour. Simply count how many items on the list you find really annoying.  

A very low score (under 5) indicates that you tend to be patient of others’ foibles and unaffected by trivial irritations. It probably means that you also have low levels of stress.

A very high score (over 12) suggests irascibility. You are too easily stressed perhaps, so try to take things easy a bit more! If your score is medium, then, as for almost everybody, there are certain things you can’t help getting annoyed by. Don’t worry! Just don’t let too many things get to you: life is too short to spend it in a permanent frenzy of irritation.  

By the way, if nothing in the list annoys you, you are very odd indeed: a saint, perhaps.