Choose option a) or option b) for each question. (In cases where you feel neither would be your ideal option, just go with the one that feels more appropriate.)

A ten-day vacation at: a) Las Vegas or b) a meditation retreat?

The magician needs someone from the audience to help him with his next trick. Do you a) put up your hand or b) stare down at your knees?

You a) haven’t blushed since you were eleven years old or b) blush frequently?

You discover a new planet and get to name it: after a) yourself or b) the family pet?

Talking with someone you find attractive, you tell them a) they have beautiful eyes or b) you like their name?

Just one slice of cake is left on the plate. To take it, do you need a) zero or b) three invitations?

Lost in the city and needing directions, do you a) ask the first person who comes along or b) buy a map?

In meetings, are you a) among the first or b) among the last to speak?

If you were a writer, would you be a) a playwright or b) a novelist?

A shopkeeper gives you change from a £10 note, but you think you paid with a £20 note. Do you
a) make a scene or b) shrug and walk away?

T-shirts: do you prefer them a) with slogans or b) plain?

Is someone looking for you at a party most likely to find you a) singing karaoke or b) reading the spines of the books on the shelves?

When making love, do you prefer the lights a) on or b) off?

The queue for security at the airport is a mile long. Do you a) cut to the front, claiming your flight leaves in ten minutes, or b) take your place at the back?

Would you apply for a job in a) the sales department or b) the IT department?

Are you more likely to answer this questionnaire a) in company with others or b) in private?