(whole image) Human mouth, showing tongue, tonsils, throat:

You are a force. Your strength of character, accomplishments and expansiveness cause rooms (and lives) to rearrange themselves around you when you walk in. Madonna’s swagger – ‘Listen, everyone is entitled to my opinion.’– may not be your thing, but like her, at the very least, you were one of Henry VIII’s knights in another life, riding through a great forest.

(whole image) Vulva, pelvis, birth, blood:

The erotic has a very good place in your life, or at least there’s every reason it should have. You’re very attractive and people pick up that signal. All else being equal, pleasure and passion and the whole joyous exchange is at your beck and call. Beautiful nights, radiant mornings.

(whole image) Flower opening, orchid in bloom:

Nature may abhor a vacuum but you seem to even more. Rather than being in the moment, concentrating on what you need – with all the vulnerability that entails – you find it easier to give others as many reasons as possible not to be able to live without you. The Chinese proverb, ‘Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come,’ tends to fall on deaf ears in your case.

(top of image) Cat with whiskers or paws, possibly eating butterfly; (whole image) Viper’s mouth:

Sometimes your relationships can seem like a bicycle tyre with a slow puncture. You can give a huge amount and it seems to be appreciated (although sometimes you think you overdo the advice), but still it’s not clear either of you is exactly getting what you need. Who doesn’t have control issues? It’s like saying you don’t have regrets. But still, you wonder what sense of inadequacy may be causing yours. 

(either side of image) Pair of yellow fledglings, pecking:

You are very nurturing, lavishing such care on others that it sometimes seems you don’t need any in return. Gogol’s demand, ‘Love us when we are dirty, for everyone will love us when we are clean,’ doesn’t come easy to you. You’re not entirely sure you deserve to be loved at all.

(whole image) Pansies, with attendant connotations of spring; Bird of paradise:

The wind is in your sails, a state of affairs that tends to emphasize your charming, energizing qualities. You believe in discussion, want to learn from others, are attentive, modest and thoughtful, and like people as a rule. This broad philanthropy may reflect itself either in a strain of non-conformism – the sense that individuals should be free to do whatever they want – or in something more political.