(whole image) A strong man, flexing his muscles:

You are highly capable, to put it mildly. Running marathons, reconditioning bicycles, cultivating new strains of plants, raising money for social causes – you master everything you turn your hand to. Like a competitive athlete, you are naturally gifted and extremely determined. Having the bar raised is a familiar experience, and you pride yourself on always being equal to the challenge.

(top of image) A pair of rams at the top, butting with heads lowered:

You’re self-disciplined, reliable, good at seizing the initiative, and, in general, a whirlwind of activity. You always come across as very certain about what you’re doing, which inspires confidence in clients and work colleagues, despite your suffering from raw nerves. When you’re feeling threatened or under pressure, you can feel very stressed, but only those close to you tend to notice.

(whole image) A scorpion:

You are highly tuned, like a gymnast or ballerina. Things like diet and sleeping can be issues, since you are physically very sensitive. Sometimes you wonder whether there’s a connection between this and how you feel about yourself, your self-worth, but anything that smacks of therapy tends to get on your nerves. 

(whole image) A lobster, shrimp, langoustine:

A romantic at heart, you nevertheless have quite a lot of defences in place. You work so hard and life can be such a struggle that you sometimes wonder if you can sacrifice your peace of mind for the unpredictability of a relationship. Someone can innocently, unthinkingly, mess up the order you’ve created, and you can become completely discouraged. The whole notion of kindred spirits suddenly seems a joke.

(whole image) Fallopian tubes:

You have a sense of stalled potential, of putting an enormous amount into life and yet still waiting for it to start. Your idea of how things should be – who you should be with, what you should be doing etc – is very vivid, and if reality falls short of expectations, your considerable achievements provide little consolation. A philosophical approach such as Rimbaud’s ‘O saisons, o chateâux, quelle âme est sans defauts?’ (‘Oh seasons, oh castles, what soul is without blemish?’), strikes you as trite at best.