(whole image) Beetle, scarab, possibly with crab’s claws:

You are very hardworking, good at handling your career and the ‘game’ in general. Success comes naturally to you. You arrange your pieces on the board, lay your plans, follow them through. You can be careful or daring as the situation requires. In the end, you know it’s always the cleverest or luckiest play that prevails.

(whole image, except bottom centre) Pair of emus facing one another, wearing feather boas, dancing on stage at the Moulin Rouge:

You feel the pull of glamour and the high life like gravity. You unfailingly know the place to be and enjoy being there, although sometimes you don’t like how you feel the next day, or what you see in the mirror as you head for the dance floor. At times you wonder why this is; at others you tell yourself not to take yourself so seriously. 

(either side of image) Two pairs of hummingbirds, wings beating:

You’re a connoisseur, ‘beija-flor’, (kisser of flowers) as the Portuguese call hummingbirds. Just as they sometimes feed on 1,000 flowers a day, you are constantly on the move, pursuing objects of desire, seeking out beautiful things.

(bottom of image) Sunglasses or bra, beard:

You like dressing up and it suits you, although you can worry excessively about what people think of you and seek external solutions – a new car, new clothes – to internal problems. You are tempted to rationalize this as a Warholian creed – life is just surfaces – but you’re not sure whether this solves everything. 

(whole image) Skeleton; (details) Bones:

Life can seem like a treadmill or a merry-go-round repeating itself over and over. You worry about feeling drained and hollow, grinding to a halt. Sometimes you think you should take more emotional risks.

(whole image) Flying thing with eyes; Alien figure with stubby feet, no centre; Bikini-wearing goddess with unnerving face:

No one could be a more dependable friend when it comes to the crunch, but you can appear flighty in the day-to-day. You get huge satisfaction from getting in touch with friends you haven’t talked to for a while, a satisfaction that is mutual.