1. If you scored the following replies: 1c), 2c), 3c), 4b), 5b), 6c) congratulations. You are a very angry person indeed. You make Othello look like a reasonable man. You are decisive, quick to act, implacable and imaginative in your revenge. Bravo. 

2. If you answered the question with the following pattern: 1b), 2a), 3a), 4a), 5a), 6a) you are apparently sane and deliberate but also exceedingly sinister. You can control your feelings and give every appearance of being rational, reasonable and judicious. You should seek professional help at once.

3. If neither of the above patterns suits your replies and you chose an inconsistent mixture of options, beware. You have a dangerous streak. You are unpredictable, irrational and mad.