How is it, up on that sixth floor? Choosing to live there indicates a paradox at the heart of your personality.  On the one hand, you love the busy world and the diversity of people in it. You are a social being, with a strong social conscience, with an extravert willingness to engage with reality.  On the other, you may be unsure of your place in the scheme of things, feel a bit dissociated, and prefer to be in your own physical and psychic space.  These contradictions sometimes create problems of identity: are you extravert or introvert?  Sometimes you feel as if you are an actor, and all the world’s a stage: now you play this character, now that; and you’re never quite sure exactly who you are.  Well, you are what you are!  You have many aspects to your personality; you are more than one person. So get out there, on to the street, and be happy with what you really are: a complicated, contradictory, interesting person.