You thrive on unusual and unpredictable experiences. You may have an introvert bias to your personality but that doesn’t mean you lack a sense of adventure.  You are idealistic, and tend to be easily disillusioned with the ways things are. This means that you often take up an adversarial stance, withdraw to a safe place and defy the world to do its worst. But going up that ladder to the cabin in the air can be a way of escaping from a sense of responsibility. This is not a moral matter but about maintaining the integrity of your complicated self: withdrawing from engagement with things because they don’t always go the way you wish can lead to psychic loneliness and anxiety. It’s good up there with the fire lit, and the balcony where you can see for miles, but you can’t really live there all the time. Enjoy the solitude and the view, but come down and get on with things as they are. A high house shouldn’t be a high horse.