There’s something in your personality that you withhold from others; there’s something in you that you keep secret. Only some of your closest friends get to descend those basement steps, and they feel privileged to do so, because an identity as private (and perhaps as precarious) as yours is deeply intriguing. You know that what others see as otherworldly in your nature is actually based on a degree of introverted uncertainty and shyness to which you don’t always want to admit. You may have other secrets: things that even some of your best friends have no inkling of! All this gives you an aura of excitement, and you enjoy the attraction this creates, even if you sense that it is sometimes based on illusory notions as to what really makes you tick. These complications give your personality a real edge: you feel the tension, and so do your friends. But don’t spend all your time in that basement: it will do you good to come up and out into the open sometimes.