1. You dream you are soaring with ease over the countryside.

a) You are in danger of suffering from delusions of grandeur. 
b) You should take up hang gliding.
c) Life is going well for you. 

2. You dream that you are a student. In this dream you discover you are unprepared for a test. This causes you great anxiety. 

a) You should not pursue a teaching career.
b) You are worried about an ongoing or upcoming event or situation in your life. 
c) You are nervous about the judgement of others.

3. In your dream you discover that a sleeping bear is under your bed. You are terrified of waking the bear. 

a) You are wary of awakening a powerful inner force.
b) You suffer from ursaphobia.
c) You have grievously neglected the housework and need to vacuum under the bed.

4. You are a man and in your dream you are wrestling with a woman.

a) You need to buy a bigger bed for you and your wife. 
b) You must come to a better male/female balance within yourself.
c) You might consider a sex change.

5. You dream you are on the tube. You attempt to exit the train but are prevented from doing so.

a) Your life is out of your control.
b) You are uneasy about travelling to unfamiliar places.
c) You should commute by bike.