Not In Touch (NIT)  
Somewhat In Touch (SIT)
Very In Touch (VIT) 

1. Flying dream
a) VIT. This dream may be your unconscious warning not to overestimate your own powers. No matter how our lives are going, it is important always to keep a foot on the ground. Think Icarus here.
b) NIT. It’s unlikely that your dream is urging you to literal flight. 
c) SIT. Perhaps life is going well for you and this is merely a reflection of your high spirits – indeed dreams such as these are very pleasant. It is however always advisable to keep one foot on the ground.
2. Student dream
a) NIT. This dream should not dissuade you from a career in the classroom; rarely are dreams so literal.
b) VIT. If you were a nervous student as a child, any number of
non-academic related anxieties might now be represented by dreams set in the classroom. 
c) SIT. Perhaps, though the specific judgement implied in test taking does not necessarily translate into a more generalized fear of judgement. 

3. Sleeping bear
a) VIT. Awakening the beast within. Tiptoeing around a wild (potentially dangerous) animal while it is sleeping is probably a sign that something powerful is brewing inside . . . and wanting to be expressed. Proceed with caution and you might find that this bear’s energy can be harnessed for your benefit. 
b) SIT. Unlikely. Though you may, in fact, be afraid of bears (perhaps wisely). 
c) NIT. Only you and your loved ones know if you are a slob. Such dreams will shed no light on the subject. 

4. Wrestling with the opposite sex
a) NIT. While you may indeed need a bigger mattress, this is not the most likely issue with this dream. (More likely your wife will insist on one herself if you’ve been wrestling with her in the night.)
b) VIT. Dreams often act as correctives to our waking lives. In this case you might want to pay attention to the female side of yourself – she might be saying that she feels under-represented. 
c) SIT. Though this dream may indicate a male/female imbalance, it’s unlikely that your unconscious self is advising you to pursue such a radical path. 

5. Tube dream
a) VIT. Tube trains run on fixed tracks to fixed destinations. That you’re not allowed to deviate from this course in this dream might indicate that you feel your fate is beyond your control. 
b) SIT. This is a possible interpretation, though the underground train is probably a red herring. 
c) NIT. Although cycling is a cheap, healthy mode of transport, this dream is not advising you on modes of transport.