Box 1. This drawing relates to your sense of self. You may have been assertive or tentative (drawn a face, coloured the circle in, etc.) or you may have suggested that there are pressures from outside the circle of your self. You may happily have seen yourself as a beaming sun, or a flower. 

Box 2. The square is an architectural unit; your response here relates to your feelings about your house/home or garden. These may have implications with regard to aspects of your identity.

Box 3. This motif has to do with your emotional life. Are you floating on or above the waves, or are you sinking below them? 

Are you waving or drowning? Or did you see and project something else altogether?

Box 4. This will reveal how you relate to your friends, who are at once part of you and separate from you. 

Box 5. The two lines stand for the inescapable dualisms of the universe, especially the duality of sex. You may have just revealed your deepest feelings about love. (On the other hand, you may not.) 

Box 6. Your whole life is revealed in this space. Oh dear! Without prompt or guideline you have revealed your innermost self.

Box 1. Concerns how you relate to your external surroundings.

Box 2. Shows how adaptable you are.

Box 3. Reveals your level of ambition and desire.

Box 4. Indicates how you deal with adversity.

Box 5. Shows the challenges you face.

Box 6. Suggests how you analyse and synthesise information.

Box 7. Gives a sense of your level of stability. 

Box 8. Explains your social relations.