Your response to the questions should take the form of:

a) You identify with this statement, absolutely.
b) This statement does apply to you, but only in part or sometimes.
c) You don’t recognise yourself in this statement.

If I had a different name, I would be a different person.

I like dressing up in clothes I wouldn’t normally wear.

I remember almost nothing of my childhood.

I think certain people are taller than me, even though in fact they’re not. 

When I’m in company with other people, I find myself copying their mannerisms or habits of speech.

I often imagine being someone of the opposite gender.

I enjoy throwing things away.

Sometimes I feel I’ve been hacked into by someone else.

I see myself as a river, not a tree.

In most arguments, I can see right on both sides.

I often change my mind.

I’m happy to take psychotropic drugs.

When I hear someone in the street shouting ‘Stop thief!’, I think it’s me they’re after.

Tracing adult behaviour to childhood trauma is missing the point. 

In films and books, I’m hopeless at following plots; I get distracted by the scenery.

I deal with fear and pain by imagining that I’m someone who feels no fear or pain.

When I answer psychological questionnaires, I tick the boxes that don’t apply to me.