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This weeks: 

Dear Redstone Aunt, After years of feeling unfulfilled – at work and in my personal life – I've recently made radical changes. I've moved house. I've started a new relationship and a new job. All this had been positive very exciting. And yet... I've recently been plagued by a series of dreams which feature floods. In most of them water pours into the basement, threatening to ruin all my belongings and wash them away (even though I live in a 5 th floor flat) everything. What could this mean? Please help.  Drowning in Dalston


Dear Drowning in Dalston, This has indeed been a long and wet spring. But don't despair – summer might be on its way. Flooding in dreams often represent unconscious wells of emotion that threaten to burst out or to “flood” us with feeling. From what you've said in your letter though, you've begun to take practical steps toward addressing the causes that might underlie these sorts of feelings. This has been a great time of change for you. Change is always unsettling; so much is dredged up in the process, so many potentially overwhelming feelings surface – feelings that might indeed benefit from a good washing or clearing out. A baptism of sorts. Perhaps then you might see these dreams as positive part of the process of change; as aiding you in clearing out the old to make way for the new. Regards, Your Redstone Aunt